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Looking for a tax adviser that doesn't baffle you with buzz words? Whether you’re self-employed, a company director or a PAYE employee our team of friendly tax professionals can help sort out your taxes, quickly and easily, in plain English. That's a promise.

Oh, and for the record we'd like to shout about the fact that we never, ever take a portion of your tax refund unlike other companies. When we get you a refund it's yours, all yours!

Anyway, here’s just a few of the areas we can help you with:

  • Tax Returns for PAYE and Self-Employed (Form 11 & 12)
    • We know the dreaded annual tax return is a pain for most people. We know it can be confusing and you may end up worrying that you've missed something, or worse you've made a mistake that could end up costing you money! Also, we're told regularly by self-employed clients that their accountant was ripping them off, sorry, not always giving value for money. Plus they never heard from him/her until close to the tax deadline. Let's stop the nonsense. Give us a call today, book a FREE consultation and see for yourself what it's like to be looked after by tax professionals who care about their clients. Not convinced? read what some or our happy clients are saying about us.
  • Rental property accounts & tax returns
    • We do these every day. In fact this is a speciality of ours. We do rental tax returns for hundreds of clients in Ireland and abroad (we have clients in Dubai, Qatar, Spain and the USA) who own and rent properties in Ireland. We'll make sure they're done properly and efficiently and will provide you with a full rental income and expense account (including capital allowances) for each property you rent.
  • Full personal tax review
    • OK maybe you don't have a rental property or work for yourself. That doesn't mean it may not be worthwhile having a complete review of your taxes carried out by a qualified tax professional. What you probably want more than anything is peace of mind knowing you're getting all the credits and allowances you're entitled to, plus any refunds you're due back from Revenue.
  • Medical expense reclaims
    • Did you know you can claim back up to FOUR years from Revenue for valid medical and dental expenses? Drop your receipts into us, our dedicated admin team will sort them out for you, pass them to our friendly tax advisers, who will then process the refund for you straight away. Simple, but effective. Remember, the excess of €125 and €250 were done away with in 2007 so you can claim on any amount of valid expenses.
  • Recently married/separated
    • A change in your marital status is a big thing in the tax world. You can choose to share or allocate your tax credits and standard rate cut off points (tax band) in order to minimise your tax. Plus, there's a heap of other things tax-related you probably should know about. Let one of our advisers talk you through it!
  • Capital Gains Tax
    • If you sell assets in Ireland (shares, property etc) you are likely to have to pay a nasty old thing called Capital Gains Tax. Well don't worry, we can take care of all of this for you. This is another area we have lots of experience in. We will do all the calculations, help you minimise your tax liability (legally of course!) and file all the necessary paperwork with the nice people in Revenue so you can sleep easier at night.
  • Inheritance/Gift Tax (CAT)
    • Hmm, another nasty tax very similar to Capital Gains Tax. You may have to pay this if someone is nice enough to leave you something of value in their will, or they may give you a gift when they're alive. Again, we can advise you on how to minimise your tax liability as well as file all the necessary paperwork with Revenue.
  • Tax return checking
    • Maybe you're the smart kind of person who can figure out a tax return yourself. Respect. We'd be happy to have one of our qualified tax advisers to look over it for you to make sure everything is in order. Of course, we would do this for less than a full tax return. We're just grateful for the business, really!
  • Tax planning & advice
    • Now for the serious part...naturally we always recommend that you seek the advice of qualified tax adviser before you commit to any financial transaction. That just makes sense. You probably wouldn't buy a second hand car without getting an engineer to check it out for you so its the same with your taxes really. We have a team of super friendly and experienced tax professionals that can look after absolutely any area of tax. Plus we think you'll find we give better attention and service than others. For example, we work on a project basis so we never charge by the hour. We simply want to give you best advice for the best price. Then we want to you to go and tell all your family and friends to come see us.

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